Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Musician

Asia Soulè describes her unique and innovative sound as “The universal essence of soul music”. She applies her craft to every musical genre in order to reach the masses.

Asia has been greatly influenced by many incredible artists and musicians such as: Sade, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Raheem DeVaughn, Boney James, S.O.S Band, Erykah Badu, Police, Janet Jackson, Lauren Hill, Kendrik Lamar, Jackson 5 and Jill Scott. Although those were her core influences she also had many more notable icons that also influenced her musical style.

Asia Soule’s Father was a musician, so music has always been a part of her life. She says “Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, music was always present in all the layers of my life”.

Many describe her sound as a musical melting pot -a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but just enough for everyone. Asia states, “I am and will always be a student of my gift, always studying the greats to learn everyday and apply it to my own God given talent”. She truly represents the universal essence of the soul.

Asia Soule’ is currently working on her debut album: Natural High

“The idea of fame does not move me, its the world I help people escape to when all else fails and inspiration is in demand.

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Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter

Self taught guitarist and writer, Brandon A. Thomas, has progressed immensely throughout his 15 years of performing.  Although he cites his influences to heavy metal, he has done acoustic, studio, and live sets with India Arie, T.I., Outkast, Khao and countless others on the Atlanta scene. His independent release titled “A Soul Acoustic,” is now available on Itunes.


NE-YO  “Year of the Gentlemen” | T.I.  “King” | Sun  “Fancy Free” | Anastasia  “Heavy Rotation” | Monica ” New Life” | Cherish  “Amnesia” | K’Jon ” Moving On” | Anthony David “As Above So Below”

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Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter

R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Cameen is not only a New England Music Awards Top Five Artist Of The Year Nominee, but also a recipient of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital award for his timeless participation and support.

As a child Cameen spent a lot of time with his cousin, and great bass jazz musician, William Allen– where he found his vocal gift. He attended St. John’s University Of Queens, NY to play soccer.  However, due to an untimely gun shot injury, he would complete his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sociology at Rivier University.  Upon graduating he created an upstart business called CKC Entertainment Group, LLC & CC Elite Ultra Wear. This not only gave him the ability to continue supporting and participating in his favorite charities (St Jude, Diabetes, Breast/Prostate Cancer and Domestic Violence), but also allowed him to re-direct his passion to his first love –music.

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daniel nails profile image

Recording Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Arranger

Daniel Nails is a rare Artist! It is not often that one envelopes the complete package.

He is a master vocalist who will hit the perfect pitch to cause your emotions to transcend this earth to the heavens. Daniel Nails is a award-winning songwriter who will tell the stories of life and give them eternal definition. He is an accomplished musician whose touch is both sensitive and demanding of your attention.

Daniel grew up in Florence, South Carolina and there he began singing in church, played violin in junior and senior high school and sung on the high school chorus. Since majoring in music in college, Daniel Has been pursuing his dream of recording professional music.

Simply speaking, when you hear Daniel Nails, you hear music and experience love the way it was meant to be… pure, intimate, natural and uplifting.

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Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Drew Smith is an R&B/Soul singer/songwriter from Macon GA. His aptitude for telling stories through music granted him affiliation with the global Performing Rights Organization SESAC in 2012.

Drew Smith has done countless performances, and talent showcases, all over the United States including; New York City’s “The Roc The Mic Showcase” hosted by DJ Absolut, The Atlanta Factor, Akon’s “Kovict Kartel Showcase”, Eddie’s Attic, Channel Dynamic’s “Beat Royale West” which took place in the beautiful Los Angeles, California, as well as countless shows in his musical home town of Macon, Georgia.  He has also been featured on shows with R&B Superstars such as George Tandy Jr., Avery Sunshine, and Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter Anthony David.

Drew Smith draws influence from many great musicians past and present; (Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, Tank, Usher, and John Legend to name a few). To Drew musicianship is as natural as breathing. Drew has the following to say about the music “I want the audience to take the musical pilgrimage I am currently on. We gonna laugh, we’re going to  have a good time, we going to be inspired, and we going to learn from each other and grow together. That my aim as a musician is to bring people of all religions, age, colors, creeds, and sexual orientation together through music.”

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Songwriter, Recording Artist


Fly Fay is an ambitious young Recording Artist searching for the finer things in life. On a quest to express himself freely and allow the world to get to know him…

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Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter

“Life Of JoWork” was considered to be a personal documentary which not only showcased the work behind the success of Mr.Work, the “Artist” but also gave his followers a deep and personal look into his journey. First Episode of the Web Series debut over 5,000 views, leaving JoWorkTV to be in a great success.

Shortly after a year, JoWork wanted to pursue his music career and release a Independent Album titled “The Mirror” in 2011, which was lead by singles “Put Me Out”, “Don’t Check For Me”, and a R&B Slow Jam called “Private Show”. All singles were promoted with Music Videos and each single was released on Itunes and Amazon.

In support of the Album “The Mirror” Jowork was apart of BET “My Black Is Beautiful” Concert which featured other new and aspiring artist.

Early 2012, JoWork started writing for his next studio project Mixtape “Missing Formula”. At the top of the year in January, he released a promo Pop Dance Single called “Blow Up”, which received great reviews from bloggers and fans. Later in October of 2012, he released personal heart break “Bump Love” and released a Music Video which was a formal introduction to the Mixtape of whats to come.

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Vocalist, Songwriter, Vocal Arranger

Tezel Smith, is a native of Bennettsville, South Carolina. He was born into a musically inclined family of gifted singers and musicians. His childhood years where spent singing gospel music in the church with his beloved mother who proudly served as the church’s’ pianist and choir director. At an early age, Tezel recognized that his special gift was anointed by God and was meant to be shared with the world.

He has collaborated with many artists and bands throughout the years, offering his unique set of skills as a Songwriter, Background Vocalist and Vocal Arranger. He feels that those experiences has prepared him for the next level of his life that would be discovered… The gift to create and compose music.

In 2016, Tezel started putting those gifts to work when he partnered up with Verde Music Group as a Singer, Songwriter and Vocal Arranger. That motivation has allowed him to invent numerous potential hits that are waiting to be unveiled to artists that posses that same drive like his.

At anytime, Tezel is willing to share his gift of singing so that others can experience the heartfelt desire that lies within him. It is undeniable that his goal is to touch the hearts of people every single time he is given the opportunity to express himself.

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Visionary, Record Producer, Mixer

As a child growing up in New England, Wahid was always intrigued by music. He grew up listening to jazz, blues, funk, and R&B. He later found himself in the streets, break-dancing and emulating the hip-hop acts of that time.

In elementary and junior high schools, Wahid played drums and guitar in the school bands. Shortly after that, he and his rap group, Tremble & Bass, were unable to find a suitable DJ, so Wahid offered to take on the role for the group. Honing his skills as a DJ, he quickly gained notoriety spinning at parties, clubs, and weddings. Armed with his turntables and a keyboard, he started programming music for his group and numerous other local acts.

In 2001 he began his internship with Embryo Records in Las Vegas. During that time he was enrolled in a advance Audio Engineering and Protools course under the watchful eye of Tom Parham. Some of his production credits include NBA star Tyrone Nesby, BMX champion TJ Lavin, and R&B artist extraordinaire Reno McFarland. He also worked with legendary composer and songwriter Gary Picus.

In 2014, Wahid founded his Publishing Company; Verde Music Group LLC. His intention was to give his ever growing list of extremely talented Writers, Composers, Producers & Musicians a creative environment to call home…

Wahid is also the proud Owner/Manger of DRS in Roswell GA, where he works full-time as a Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer.

Being a student of the game enabled Wahid to have a sound all his own. He believes that his innovative sound will be the future of music. With his unique sound and business savvy approach to music, Producer Wahid Gomes is soon to be one of the premier Visionary/Record Producers of his time.


Bio Coming Soon!

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Recording Artist, Lyricist, Poet