Music Publishing



  • Copyright musical compositions
  • Secure recording, tv, stage, ringtone, home video and motion picture uses of songs
  • Secure uses of songs in advertising commercials
  • Register songs with the Harry Fox Agency, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and all other representatives and collection agents to collect royalties (download, streaming, cd sales, radio, tv, subscription services etc)
  • Negotiating fees and issuing appropriate licenses for all uses of music
  • Making sure that payments from licensees are paid on time and accurate
  • Staying abreast of new developments, laws, policies and procedures so that songs may earn maximum exposure
  • Promoting the creation of new songs by helping to support and develop promising writers
  • Suing infringers of musical compositions and negotiating settlements
  • Promoting legislation that affects the music and entertainment industries and the protection of the rights of creators
  • Promoting interest in songs and their writers through special projects
  • Keeping track of motion pictures, tv shows, commercials, and video projects in pre production, production, or post production so that compatible songs can be submitted to producers for possible inclusion